• Long-term Client Engagements
  • Multi-layer Delivery Team
  • In-house Skill Training

FinServe’s structured long-term engagements are modeled in alignment with our clients’ strategic and tactical goals, ensuring greater congruence between the FinServe team and the client team. The long-term nature of the engagement allows the application of processes to ensure quality improvement and continuity, the buildup of scale, and faster turnaround. Moreover, the engagement of a best-fit, dedicated team increases efficiencies due to the learning curve effect, and minimizes the risk of losing expertise built up over time. How an Engagement Works A multi-layered team ensures that engagement objectives are met and the engagement itself is effectively governed. Our quality assurance framework ensures consistency and quality. We also measure customer satisfaction through formal surveys conducted semi-annually. FinServe experts are the source of our competitive advantage – our success stems from our ability to attract, train, mentor and retain the best available talent in investment research. Our hiring process includes stringent screening at every stage. As a result, our selection ratio (number of candidates chosen over those screened) is one of the lowest in the industry. We evaluate candidates on various parameters ranging from knowledge of capital markets and finance, attention to detail, written and verbal communication, numerical skills, customer orientation and teamwork. FinServe experts are MBAs, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, CFAs and PhDs. These talented individuals then undergo our extensive foundation course, which is recognized as best in class. Our Continuous Education Program (CEP) covers sectors, asset classes, and modeling best practices, to stay abreast of latest ideas, reinforce essential skills and stay current with the latest developments in investment research.